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    Free Energy
    2011-07-10, 12:16 PM


    28th of June 2011: Trawöger Power Pyramid shown with a few Watts of output
    28th of June 2011: New Argentinean selfrunning magnet motor shown on Youtube
    16th of June 2011: Safe One Wire Electricity transfer without getting electrical shocks
    1st June 2011: Selfrunning free energy magnet motor powering lightbulb youtube video
    20th May  2011: Professor Steven E. Jones publishes open source special solid state Joule Thief circuit being 8x overunity ?
    5th May  2011: RomeroUK shows selfrunning Muller generator powering Lightbulb !
    4th March  2011: Jörg Raimund Hempel shows IMP device
    February  2011: Ismael Aviso shows fuelless electric car running, great new coil shorting circuits !
    January 2011: Joule Ringer circuits show great run length just on a charged capacitor
    23rd of December 2010: Selfrunning HHO system as a Christmas present !
    27th of September 2010: Gap-Power unfortunately not OverUnity, measurement error
    24th of April 2010: Selfrunning HHO system presented
    21st April 2010: Muammer Yildiz Magnet Motor shown at Delft university
    26th March 2010: Selfaccelerating vehicle needs no engine and no fuel to run
    24th March 2010: New Kapanadze video and successful replication posted at Youtube
    Feb. 2010: New Alufoil - graphite paper battery cell
    Jan. 2010: Groundloop´s Solid State Orbo and Naudin´s 2SGen
    1st Jan. 2010 : Happy New Year to All and New selfrunning magnetic perpetual motion device presented
    19th of Dec. 2009 : New Orbo motor shows no CounterEMF=Lenz violation
    14th of Dec. 2009 : New selfrunning magnet motor posted on youtube !
    20th of Nov. 2009 : New Free-Energy Movie server online !
    1st of Nov. 2009 Breakthrough in selfmade Zinc Air battery technology !
    27th of Okt. 2009 Yu Oscillating Generator uses Howard Johnson like magnet track, shows acceleration !
    23th of Okt. 2009 Free download of the Magniwork PDF to stop their SCAM and sales of Naudin´s free work
    29th of Sept. 2009 News : Free-Energy.TV Video Website is online

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